It is normal to face challenges in using "MyNUST" if it is the first time using the platform or if you did not yet make time aside to seriously learn how to use it. Nevertheless you should not worry at all if you are currently facing challenges.s. Sit, relax and access the different resources of your choice from the Main Menu which will assist you boost your abilities in using eLearning and other solutions designed for you.

TLU developed the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you quickly find the answers to your questions. This resource contains 20 questions related to the common challenges students and lecturers may encounter. The questions and answers on the Frequently Asked Questions will increase over time and feel free to suggest any other question(s) you think it would help you to enhance the usage of technology in learning with the aim to achieve academic success. Click on the image below to access the "Frequently Asked Questions":


If the answers on the FAQ page are not addressing your challenges, please Click Here to access an online form to complete with your contacts details and the assistance you are looking for.