What MOOC is all about?

A MOOC is an online course where any person can enrol to access quality learning materials in an intuitive and collaborative environment with no limit on attendance. it is common to find in a MOOC hundred thousands of enrolled students. The particularity of a MOOC, the provider of the course do not check the potential participants prior learning; this is the responsibility of the the participants to determine the suitability of the course to their own needs and the enrolment is free of charge.

To really understand what MOOC is all about and why it is a revolution in higher education and the corporate world, watch the following video by clicking on the image below. This is found on the Vimeo website and it is published by Educause:












At NUST, we implement MOOC as a service for students to access short courses in the category of soft-skills and designed using micro-learning approach. These courses are designed to support students developing skills beyond the curriculum of the programmes they are enrolled. In addition, these are expected to help students acquire some of the graduate attributes set by the University. We are currently  piloting MOOC to determine its impact on students learning through the soft skills acquisition.

Click on the image below to access NUST MOOC:

For more information about MOOC, contact Mr Maurice Nkusi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How to Log into NUST MOOC

To log into NUST MOOC, your credentials are as follows:

  • username is your student number; for example 200854789
  • Password is s (take note that s is lower-case) followed by your student number; for example s200854789


Be aware that the password requirements are different on MyNUST and the MOOC platforms. For MyNUST, the password should be at least 8 characters long, should contain at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, at least one digit and at least one non-alphanumeric character (*, +, ==, @, etc.). An example of a password for MyNUST is YouStudent&12

On the other hand, there is only one password requirement for NUST MOOC platform. The password should be at least 5 characters long; for example student.


How to Access the Course Content

Once you successfully logged in the MOOC platform, the system will prompt you to to select the "I agree" box in order to complete the missing fields. Once the box is ticked, click on "Save changes" button as shown below:

After you agree to complete the missing fields, the system displays two courses as shown below (more courses will be created in the future):









Click on the name of the course you want to access or click on the given button named "Enter"; the system will direct you to the "Announcement" page where you will get all the information about the course. It is critical to read the information on that page in order to comprehend the provided information. After you are done with the announcement page, click on "Course documents" to access the course content:


All these two courses contain rich-media resources.


Update your Profile Detail

Once you are successfully logged into the MOOC platform, check the details of your profile and update them accordingly by clicking on the "User profile" link as shown below:

From the open page, update the required information by clicking on the link named "Edit"  and update your picture if not yet uploaded as shown below:

Also make sure that your e-mail is correct; if not type in the correct one that you have access to. Do not record in your profile a n e-mail that you cannot remember the password. You will miss out important communication.