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Advanced Transport Modeling  - ATM921S

The Module „Advanced Transport Modelling“ has the task to impart students of transport or urban planning an idea, how transport can be treated in an abstract way of contemplation, how the real transport world can be reproduced in digital models concerning socio-demographic background and urban structures to provide reasoned explanatory approaches.

The models can be used for the purposes of transport analysis, for the evaluation of the use of new infrastructure, of new operational supplies or for the forecast of general traffic development.

Deliberately, the approach has been chosen very broadly, starting with method-based demographic projections up to the consideration of near reachability. For every lecture a specialist for the specific content has been asked, because it is seldom that one scientist or consultant is mastering all steps and part-modules.

Each week of the semester a new topic of transport modeling will be available to you.

You are required to watch all the provided videos.
Every week you have to hand in an assignment.
You should also actively participate in the discussion forum.

Your final grade will be based on the weekly assignments and an assessment at the end of the semester.
Each of the weekly assignments will contribute 5% towards your final grade.
At the end of the semester you will have to take an assessment which will contribute 60% towards your final grade. 

Semester 2 

09 July - 19 October 2018

This course covers the normal anatomy and physiology of the human body and is an essential foundational course underpinning clinical courses in Biomedical sciences as well as Integrated clinical pathology.  This course covers the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology and the human systems (Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Neurologic, Lymphatic etc.)